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Why choose a career in PMU - Micropigmentation Field

The micropigmentation field is one of the fastest growing areas in the beauty industry. This means there are an increasing amount of job opportunities in many types of work environments for people who have been trained properly, have an artistic eye, enjoy working with people and have a strong drive to succeed. It is a very exciting time to be getting into this field!

Earning Potential

The opportunities for skilled permanent makeup technicians (artists) are impressive. Currently the demand for these procedures is surpassing the supply of talented technicians - which can only mean good things for a potential technician. We outline earnings potential to illustrate this opportunity. Please keep in mind this potential can vary greatly depending on location and the individual technician’s training and skill. Estheticians, makeup artists, cosmetologists, nurses and physicians are among the diverse group who have added micropigmentation to their portfolio of services.

Potential Annual Earnings (based on year 2020)

This chart illustrates the potential earnings in the thousands based on amount of procedures complete per week and price of procedure. Price range is $250 - $650.


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