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Eyebrow Plucking

Tattoo Removal

2 hours


Being able to offer your clients a sigh of relief when they come to you searching for help with their PMU is everything. Being able to correct or fix mistakes or asymmetry is essential. Tattoo removal is an essential skill to have and a staple service to be able to provide for your clients.

Program includes: 

  • Include Delicate Touch Esthetics Kit 

  • The training involves a dedicated one-on-one training from Master Mylene

  • At our closed group, we are sharing photos of works, different situations and giving pieces of advice

  • Real model practices (you will practice on 1 model for each technique).

Course covers:

  • You will learn the saline solution removal method.

  • With this technique, we use our Aura PMU machine and a saline solution to lighten and or remove unwanted pigment.

  • This is a safe and natural removal method that does not require lasers or harsh chemicals.

  • You will receive all the necessary materials and a personalized kit with your course. Having your own PMU device is not necessary as you can practice with our machine.

  • This is a hands-on experiential course where you will perform the procedure on a live model after your training.

  • Receive Certificate of Completion from Delicate Touch Esthetics Academy.

Instructor: Mylene Casaljay

Call for Appointment: 916-801-9859

Call for Appointment: (916) 801-9859 TO BOOK YOUR 1-ON-1 TRAINING EXPERIENCE!

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