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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

I only use medical-grade adhesive to apply for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Derma-bond technology (used by physicians to bond skin together) is the bases for the structure of our eyelash extension adhesive. It has been specially formulated to work on sensitive areas of the body, such as the eye, to reduce skin irritation.


What does the lash extension application procedure involve?

I mixed volume and classic (HYBRID) to give a person quality lashes that safe to natural lashes. I am a lash artist who respects my customers. I don't put something that can ruin your natural lashes. It takes 3 hours at least. To avoid irritation and perfect placing of extensions! I use high-quality SYNTHETIC lash extension products. And whoever claims that they use original MINK HAIR? You should double-check that. 


The eyelash extension procedure consists of a number of steps as follows:

  1. Before the appointment begins you’ll be asked to complete an eye health history form and sign a liability waiver. This can be completed online via a link that’s sent to you by email, or you can complete it on paper at the time of your appointment.  Either way, we’ll have you sign a paper copy!

  2. When you arrive for your appointment, I’ll have you clean any makeup off your eyes using a gentle soap and water mixture that I provide.

  3. I’ll take a few before photos of your eyes.

  4. You’ll lie on your back, on a massage therapy table specifically set up for your comfort during the application process. A blanket is provided if you’d like to snuggle in and get comfortable.

  5. I’ll place gel pads under your eyes, to protect and prevent the glue from getting on your lower lashes.

  6. I’ll ask you to close your eyes and keep them closed for the remainder of the application process. This could take up to 3 hours in total.

  7. I’ll clean, prime and then dry the lashes

  8. Using tweezers, I’ll then separate your eyelashes until I’ve isolated one single lash.

  9. With the lash isolated, I’ll dip an extension into the adhesive and I’ll attach it to the natural eyelash.

  10. One-by-one I’ll repeat this process moving from eye-to-eye, until just about all of your natural lashes have individual extensions attached to them. This is why the process can take so long!

  11. I’ll brush through the completed extensions to make sure you don’t have multiple lashes stuck together or any clumps of glue. Anything of the sort found will be peeled apart and corrected.  This is a very important step! Multiple eyelashes left stuck together can lead to the premature plucking of natural eyelashes.  A prematurely plucked eyelash can take up to 8-weeks to grow back!  When you hear horror stories of people losing their eyelashes after getting eyelash extensions, it’s because multiple eyelashes were stuck together and this step was skipped.

  12. I’ll blow-dry and brush the lashes to help any possible glue fumes dissipate before you open your eyes.

  13. I’ll then remove the gel pads and have you try to open your eyes.

  14. We will take a few after pictures, and discuss aftercare (I’ll give you a little pamphlet, too).

  15. You’ll be on your way with your new eyelashes!


If you’re interested in booking a lash extension appointment you can check out the prices, or get in touch with me.


Immediately Post Application

  • Wash face as usual.

  • For maximal bonding avoid touching the lashes for 24-hours.

  • Do not swim, bathe, steam or spend any prolonged amount of time with the eyelashes wet.

  • If these are your regular activities and they will break down the eyelash adhesive and cause premature eyelash loss. Fills may need to be applied more frequently. 


Extended After Care

  • Be gentle with your eyelashes. Do not pull on the eyelids or rub the eyes.

  • Do not use oil-based products on or around the eyelashes.

  • Clean your eyelashes regularly using a mild oil-free soap and water. Gently pat dry. Do not rub.

  • If mascara is required, use water-soluble mascara only.

  • Use powdered, liquid or gel eyeliners. Pencils (unless specially formulated for eyelash extensions) tend to leave an oily residue, which could loosen the bond.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers.

  • Do not tint or perm the eyelash extensions – any tinting must be done before extensions are applied.

  • Avoid blasts of direct heat as this can cause the lash extensions to lose shape and/or burn the lashes. (Step aside when opening the oven/BBQ or if you are a smoker, turn the cigarette away from your eyes when lighting). 

  • Never pull off the eyelash extensions as this will pull out your natural eyelashes.

  • Do not remove the eyelash extensions on your own. If you need the extensions removed to set up an appointment with a professional.

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